Waxing for Men

AED 760

From nose wax to full body hair removal, our professional groomers are well-versed with all techniques related to male waxing. For men, the hair will grow and that too at a quicker pace, giving them that unruly and rugged appearance. Unlike shaving, waxing removes the hair completely from the root and allows one to stay hair-free for up to four weeks. With regular waxing, you stop further hair growth and remain hair-free. Whether it be a man or a woman, waxing brings along with it a feeling of apprehensiveness and anxiousness. At Luxury Spa, we under such dilemmas and seek to offer you a comfortable and equally effective treatment. Our full body waxing session for men is competitively priced at AED 760 and is conducted in a secure environment. To know more about our service, reach out to our team on +971-58-213-4019.

Why You Should Opt for Our Waxing Service

Removal of Dead Skin Cells

Waxing removes both hairs as well as dead skin cells. These days most waxes come with moisturizers that help soften the skin post removal. It helps in providing you with a smooth and rejuvenated skin.

Better Wax Than Shave

Unlike shaving, hair that grows back after waxing is less coarse. Also, there is no chance of bleeding or damage to the skin during the process.

No Body Odor

Perspiration is absorbed by body hair. Even after a wash, the odor tends to build up again. Since the hair has been removed, there is no chance of it producing any odor.

Benefit from Professional Help

There is nothing more daunting than the thought of having to wax yourself. However, that doesn't have to be the case anymore, with our professional groomers, you can get the job done more comfortably and painlessly. Additionally, regular waxing helps to build-up your immunity strength.

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