Tension Relief Massage

AED 525 60 mins
AED 750 90 mins

If you are suffering from back pain, or just need to relax your muscles after a long and exhausting day, a massage will be your best choice of treatment.

Luxury Spa massage parlor offers a high-quality relaxing Swedish massage in Dubai. Our therapists are certified and experienced in working with this massage technique ‒ you will quickly notice all the benefits of such treatment.

Swedish massage and how it benefits you

You might wonder, what is a Swedish massage. 

Swedish massage is a relaxing whole-body treatment that offers relaxation of muscles and soft tissues. Applying pressure to deeper layers will effectively relax your body and restore your immunity, bringing balance to your nervous system after a long and tiring day.

This kind of massage uses different main approaches in order to work toward relaxing and soothing your body:

  • rubbing movements;

  • kneading;

  • tapping;

  • gliding movements;

  • vibration.

Luxury SPA therapists can also add essential oils to this treatment as oil soothes the effect on your body and brings calmness and peace to your mind. Also, we take a personal approach to treating our clients, focusing more on the most aching parts of the body without causing any discomfort.

Your circulation will be improved, your muscles will be soothed, and you'll feel more relaxed thanks to the various Swedish massage techniques our massage therapists use.

Swedish massage therapy, as opposed to deep tissue massage, uses firmer strokes where there is more muscle coverage and softer strokes on the more prominent and more delicate parts of the body. This adjustment of pressure makes it an ideal massage for relaxation.

While Swedish massage is best known for easing sore muscles and improving mood, it also has a wide range of multiple other health advantages, namely:

  1. Making muscular pain go and flushing out toxic substances. After a workout, you might experience some pain in your muscles. This is caused by the storage of lactic acid in your muscle tissue after the workout. Massaging soring area will make lactic acid go away, thus easing your pain.

  2. Improving the blood flow. Applying pressure to different parts of the body stimulates local blood circulation, which leads to the improvement of body blood flow.

  3. Improving the elasticity of ligaments. Ligaments need some stimulation in order to provide your muscles with a proper range of motion.

Also, the Swedish relaxing massage treatment is very soothing for your nervous system. You will experience stress reduction and overall relaxation which will ultimately improve your quality of life, helping you focus on really important things.

Swedish relax massage in Dubai

Booking a treatment like this in Dubai is easy ‒ you can do it right from this website. Our manager will book you an appointment with one of our therapists.

Luxury SPA massage parlor is located in the heart of Dubai and is accessible to business people and those who care about the quality of services they get. Our therapists are certified massage specialists with Russan and European upbringing, meaning you get high-quality services from people who are experienced and sure in their actions.

Enjoy a relaxing massage treatment after a long day in our premium-class SPA lounge ‒ we offer a high quality of services offered by our trained professionals. Book now!

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