Traditional Thai Stretching Massage

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AED 630 60 min
AED 945 90 min

A stretching massage incorporates aided stretching into the regular massage session. It might resemble a traditional Swedish massage in which the masseuse stretches various body parts. Due to the simultaneous use of stretching and massage techniques, this method has two distinct advantages. 

These advantages of assisted stretching during a massage include the reduction of pain, enhancement of better flexibility, stimulation of blood circulation, improvement of body posture, and stimulation of the healing of previous injuries.

The benefits of stretching massage

The stretching massage has a double effect on your body, both increasing the range of motion in joints and relaxing your muscles.

Also, you will enjoy the relief this massage technique brings to sore and stiff muscles, and the flexibility it improves. With soothing movements reaching out to deeper tissues, the local blood flow is positively affected.

And just like any other massage technique, stretching massage treatment can also reduce stress, improving the quality of life instead. You will feel relaxation not only in your muscles but also in your mind, as the physical relief for your muscular system and joints can also manifest emotionally, relieving stress.

This kind of massage is particularly beneficial when it comes to relaxing your muscles after intensive workouts or long static pressure ‒ for example, after long flights or after surgeries that required a long bed stay.

Stretching massage improves blood flow in muscles and skin, releasing toxins out of the lymphatic system. This way, you can improve your immunity and resistance to disease-provoking factors like cold temperatures and, what is even more important, stress.

Best stretching massage in Dubai

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