Healing Hawaiian Massage

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Also known as “the massage of the gentle hands”, Lomi Lomi is a unique massage treatment that provides relaxation to your body and mind simultaneously. Starting with a silent prayer and breathing techniques, the massage will fully relax your body and mind, providing you with a long-lasting feeling of happiness and self-awareness. With gentle touches, the massage therapist will reduce worry and strain both out of your muscles and out of your soul.

This kind of massage requires special qualifications and knowledge. Our therapists have those, being certified to provide you with high-quality massage treatments in Luxury SPA. 

The Lomi Lomi massage and its benefits

Lomi Lomi is a type of massage that not only helps you target your spiritual energy and realize your inner potential but is also incredibly therapeutic for muscles and circulation.

Numerous families and practitioners use various Lomi Lomi techniques because this style of massage has been passed down through the ages. But generally speaking, they can be compared to a combination of Swedish and Thai massages.

Our relationship to the Earth, our ancestors, and the rhythm of daily life are all highlighted in this type of specialized massage.

Additionally, Lomi Lomi is rumored to relieve stress by preventing muscle spasms and strokes.

The lymphatic system gains advantages as well ‒ with prolonged movements that clear energy blockages and enhance circulation, toxins get flushed out of the body. 

The Lomi Lomi massage treatment takes care of the body and mind as one entity. Its known effects include:

  • tension release;
  • improved blood flow all over the body;
  • toxins eradication;
  • cellular level rejuvenation;
  • anxiety reduction and mood improvement.

The most important effects of the Lomi Lomi are immunity improvement, emotional healing, and improvement of blood circulation.

Lomi Lomi technique stimulates lymphatic flow, flushing out all of the toxins out of the body. When this happens, our bodies produce white blood cells that are ready to fight pathogens. Also, a massage that affects circulation can saturate the blood with more oxygen, providing your body with extra strength.

The emotional healing effect can be felt both in spiritual and emotional well-being. Apart from stress reduction and relaxation, Lomi Lomi focuses on your inner feelings. This way, you feel more connected to your own self, feel your own needs and find more compassion. Lomi Lomi gives you a greater insight into what you are as a person.

The technique itself provides you with caring and careful movements with light pressure in different areas of your body. This will help you relax more and feel your inner voice.

And as for improved blood flow, you will experience better muscle relaxation, and blood vessels will deliver oxygen faster and also will remove toxins faster. This will aid your body both in fighting diseases and in overcoming pain and swelling.

Best Lomi Lomi massage in Dubai

Book your Lomi Lomi massage now ‒ WhatsApp us and set an appointment.

You will experience the top-notch service that only premium-class customers receive. The massage is provided by one of our Russian and European therapists ‒ skilled, polite, and client-oriented.

Book now, and experience the happiness as an effect of the Lomi Lomi massage treatment.

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