Hot Stone Massage

AED 600 60 mins
AED 900 90 mins

Hot Stone Massages make use of heated volcanic rocks to ease musical pain and other forms of physical discomfort. These basalt rocks are placed at specific pressure points in the participant's body, and the heat from them helps to loosen the muscle. The therapy has been proven to offer several benefits such as improved breathing, increased heart rate, and accelerated metabolism. The application of heat to the stiff muscles helps the therapist to work deeper into the tissue without having to apply excess pressure. At Luxury Spa, we've got a team of trained European therapists who are experienced at rendering all forms of exotic massage treatments. Customers can book a hot stone massage from us for prices starting from AED 600 for a 60-minute session. To schedule your appointment, get in touch with us on +971-58-213-4019.

History, Properties and How It Works

The technique adopted in Hot Stone Massage treatments can be traced back to ancient times when heated stones were used to relieve muscular pain. In its current state, the movement and strokes used during a hot stone therapy session are more or less similar to Swedish massage treatment, except for the use of heated stones. Volcanic basalt stones with heated oil are used for this purpose and they are heated to a certain pre-determined temperature and will not burn your skin. By the end of the session, customers will be free from anything that is blocking your physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being.

Health Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

As mentioned, a hot stone massage has several physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. It has been proven to loosen tight muscles and as such can help people suffering from conditions such as arthritis. Additionally, the warmth of the heated stones can also assist to relieve stress and anxiety from your mind. We perform our massage in serene and welcoming environment to further enhance the experience. Book your next hot stone massage with us today to walk-away feeling alive and energized.

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