Deep Tissue Massage

AED 630 60 mins
AED 945 90 mins

Deep tissue massages therapy is recommended for those people who are suffering from high levels of muscular tension. In addition to acting as a relief for muscle strain, it can also help to improve the quality of blood circulation within your body. Our experienced therapists use a series of movements that are slower in pace but with increasing pressure on the targeted areas. People who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and sensitivity to cold temperatures will find this 60-minute session to be extremely beneficial. To know more about deep tissue massages, or to schedule an appointment with our therapist, get in touch with us on +971-58-213-4019.

Health Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Chronical Back Pain

Ideal for those individuals that are suffering from chronic back pains due to sports-related injuries. Our therapists will target the affected areas to unclasp the muscles and ensure proper blood circulation.

Stress Reliever

Inflammation caused by added muscle tension can result in mood swings. Studies have pointed to the fact that deep tissue massages are useful in lowering cortisol levels and boosts the production of a hormone called oxytocin, which helps to relax the body.

Lower Blood Pressure

Like any other exotic massage treatment, deep tissue massage can help you to de-stress your mind and body. A 60- or 90-minute deep session can significantly help in controlling your blood pressure levels.

Removal of Scar Tissues

Scar tissues develop as a result of injuries or surgeries. Such tissues need to be removed as soon as possible; otherwise it will increase recovery time and lead to body stiffness. Deep tissue massages performed by a certified masseuse will help to do the same.

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