Muscle Recovery Massage

AED 630 60 mins
AED 945 90 mins

Massage is one of the most relaxing therapies available. It can also be used to treat painful conditions and restore your body's balance. Deep tissue massage is a popular technique for dealing with chronic pain and healing injuries. This therapy has a variety of applications that can improve daily comfort.

The benefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage can also be referred to as a sports massage. Targeting the inner layers of the muscle and the fascia that surrounds it, a deep tissue massage becomes a therapeutic technique. Your massage therapist works to release muscle adhesions and scar tissue by applying firm pressure and slow, deep movements. 

Deep tissue massage treatment can solve your postural problems and relieve your chronic pain.

Most known health benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  1. Lower back pain reduction. There are many different factors that can contribute to lower back pain, including normal aging, prolonged sitting, lack of exercise, and heavy lifting. This condition can also be caused by certain nerves, like the sciatic nerve, or significant muscle groups that support this region. Simple tasks like bending over or getting out of your car can become challenging due to problems in these areas. In order to relieve sciatica, deep tissue massage releases tissues that may be causing pinched nerves. The areas that support your lower back can also be properly functional again thanks to these techniques.
  2. Blood pressure decreased. It goes without saying that tension and stress raise blood pressure, but deep tissue massage addresses both. Endorphins released during deep tissue massage relax blood vessels, making it easier for your body to pump blood. All of these advantages, along with improved blood circulation following your session, may help your readings.
  3. Easied pain and tension in the muscles. When your muscles are contracted and unable to relax, tension results. This tension can eventually hurt you and limit your range of motion. Our Luxury SPA massage therapist will apply firm pressure to these trigger points during a deep tissue massage to help them naturally relax. This method can improve mobility while also reducing pain.
  4. Remodeled scar tissue. The body's natural healing process includes the formation of scar tissue. But if this tissue doesn't form properly, it can restrict motion and cause discomfort and stiffness. The good news is that scar tissue doesn't have to be permanent and can even be remodeled to resemble healthy muscle tissue. By enhancing lymphatic drainage and circulation, deep tissue massage can dissolve scar tissue. Your therapist can reduce scarring if your scars are younger than two years. Also, deep tissue massage will align the collagen cells and fibers, improving the pressure in the connective tissue. Regular visits are required if this is your goal because it can take some time to break down scar tissue.

Additionally recommended for post-surgical recovery, this therapy can aid in proper scar formation. 

Best sports massage in Dubai

Professionally done sports massage will relieve you of back pain and muscle pain, aiding in your post-workout body restoration.

Luxury SPA operates in the heart of Dubai, offering you high-class massage services done by certified specialists originally from Russia and Europe.

Expect a premium level of services and a noticeable therapeutic effect right after the first massage session. Book your treatment now!

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