Couple Massage

AED 1 045 60 mins
AED 1 470 90 mins

A couple’s massage in Dubai is the perfect way to spend some equally romantic and quality time with your loved ones. Rest adjacent to your partner as our professional therapists work on your muscles and rejuvenates your soul. At Luxury Spa, we welcome you and your partner to an out-of-the-world experience with our certified therapists. Our couple’s therapy rooms come with a soothing and relaxing vibe so that you may indulge in an experience like before. The couple’s massage packages that we offer here at Luxury spa includes several spa treatments, massages, and facials. To enquire about our service or schedule an appointment with a therapist, call us on +971-58-213-4019.

Why Opt for a Couple’s Massage in Dubai?

Spend Quality Time Together

Our customized couple’s therapy sessions will help you and your partner to reconnect with the art of touch. It can be an extremely fruitful affair for those couples that thrives on experiencing new things together.

Increase Intimacy

Studies have pointed to the fact that massages help to release a hormone within your body known as Oxytocin. Secreted by the pituitary gland, it plays a crucial role in socializing and cultivating relationships.

Health Benefits

Are you planning a fancy dinner date with your loved one? If so, then skip that and head on over to Luxury Spa for a relaxing couple’s massage. Not only will you save up on the extra calorie intake, but you and your partner will also walk away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Enjoy the Present

Too often, relationships are clamped down by memories of the past. A specialized couple’s massage session will instinctually drive you and your partner to let go of the past and cherish the present.

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