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Hospitals and medical experts have long recognized the physiological and psychological benefits of massage therapy. There are different kinds of massage treatments that focus on different effects. While there are some types of massage that are focused on relaxation, there also are techniques improving your physical health and assisting in rehabilitation processes.

One of the less well-known kinds of therapeutic massage is bamboo massage therapy. Bamboo massage therapy, however, may very well rival the health advantages of therapeutic massages like deep tissue and trigger point massages.

The benefits of bamboo massage

Bamboo massage therapy is very similar to deep tissue massage or Swedish massage. But instead of just warming the muscles with their hands to ease joint and ligament pain, the therapist uses a heated roll of bamboo.

Similar to how a therapist would use their fingers, the heated bamboo is worked into the tissue. Nevertheless, using the bamboo enables the therapist to knead more deeply and firmly than they could if using only their hands. Depending on the level of accuracy required for precise gliding movements, the length and width of the bamboo used can vary.

With a firmer and more extensive technique to reach knots formed by lactic acid and other tension-causing wastes, bamboo massage therapy successfully applies the deep tissue massage technique. Though bamboo massage therapy can help you move more freely and experience less pain, it can also accomplish more for you.

Bamboo massage therapy also has a positive impact on the skin. Silica found in bamboo extract aids in the body's absorption of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other vital minerals that give your skin a radiant shine. Because of its anti-irritant and antioxidant properties, bamboo massage can also help to relieve psoriasis and eczema.

Additional advantages of bamboo massage therapy include the following:

  • alleviation of joint stiffness;
  • improved standard of sleep;
  • improved mental clarity;
  • more effective lymphatic drainage;
  • endorphin release.

You can benefit from bamboo massage therapy's numerous health advantages to enjoy a higher quality of life. A bamboo massage might be the answer if deep tissue or post-workout massages haven't been able to get to all of the knots in your joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Bamboo massage technique

The massage therapist applies oil to your body to prepare it for the bamboo after you lie down on the massage table. The bamboo massage uses hollow bamboo canes of various lengths and diameters that have been under organic-only treatment. 

Bamboo canes that are used for the treatment are light and hard. The longer sticks are used for gliding movements on the larger muscles such as the back and thighs, while the smaller ones are used for more detailed work such as on the feet. The massage therapist holds the bamboo cane and rolls it over the muscle in a similar manner to how they would with their hands to provide a deeper, firmer massage. Additionally, the therapist also uses her hands to give the massage a more complete feel.

Best bamboo massage in Dubai

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